Alex Summers // HAVOK


Alex Summers // Havok
31 December
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Alex Summers
Name: Alexander "Alex" Summers
Codename: Havok
Occupation: Member of the X-Men, Former Graduate Student in Geophysics
Marital Status: Single
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii

Height: 6'
Color of Hair: Blond
Color of eyes: Grey
Alexander Summers is the younger of the two sons of Christopher Summers, a United States Air Force Major and test pilot, and his wife Katherine Anne. The family were flying back from a vacation in their vintage airplane when they crashed into a scout ship of the intergalactic Shi'ar Empire, setting the wooden plane ablaze. Their mother pushed the brothers out of the burning plane with the only available parachute, allowing them to escape capture by the aliens.

The two boys were hospitalized for injuries they sustained during their landing. Alex left the hospital after two weeks and was placed in an orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska that was secretly run by the master geneticist Mister Sinister. Alex was soon adopted by the Blanding family, who had lost their son Todd. However, the family were still traumatized by their loss, and treated Alex as if he were Todd. (Unknown to Alex, his brother Scott would become the hero Cyclops and join the X-Men.)

As a result, Alex did not become aware of his mutant abilities until after graduating college. A professor of archaeology named Ahmet Abdol had discovered a psychic link between himself and Alex. While both of them had the latent mutant power to absorb and transform cosmic radiation, Abdol's ability to exercise the power was blocked in an unknown manner by Alex. Abdol captured Alex and took him to his laboratory in Egypt. There, Abdol found a way to screen Alex's body from ambient cosmic radiation, permitting his own body to attain its latent potential. Abdol was transformed into the Living Monolith, a gigantic mutant with vast cosmic power, but was defeated when his brother and the X-Men came to the rescue. Incapable of controlling the power his body emanated, Alex fled into the Egyptian desert.

Alex was soon captured by one of the mutant-hunting robotic Sentinels and brought to the headquarters of Larry Trask, son of the Sentinels' inventor Bolivar Trask. Larry gave Alex the codename Havok and a costume whose chest display monitored the build-up of cosmic energy within him. The X-Men came to Alex’s rescue; however, he was injured in the ensuing battle with the Sentinels and was taken to Doctor Karl Lykos for treatment. Lykos was himself a mutant who fed off the life energies of other mutants, and when he siphoned energy from Alex he transformed for the first time into the flying reptilian creature named Sauron.

After Sauron was defeated, Alex returned to New York with his brother and his teammates where he joined the X-Men and began training to control his powers. Eventually, Alex gained enough mastery over his power that he would release it only when he wished to do so and could wield his power with enough skill to become a formidable opponent in battle. During his time with the X-Men, Alex fell in love with his teammate Lorna Dane, the magnetism-manipulating mutant now known as Polaris. They both served for a time in the X-Men helping to repel the invasion by the alien Z'nox; however, neither Alex nor Lorna wished to lead a life as an adventurer. They discovered a mutual interest in geophysics and left the X-Men to begin doctoral research in the Diablo mountain range in Arizona.

Havok is an instinctive tactician and strategist. He is a mutant with the superhuman ability to absorb ambient cosmic energy into the cells of his body, transform it in an unknown manner, and release it as waves of energy that heat the air in their path enough to turn it into plasma, which is a super-heated state of matter consisting of charged subatomic particles. These waves will emanate from his body in all directions unless he purposefully tries to channel them in a single direction, usually along the length of his arms. Havok is himself immune to the intense heat he creates, as well as the power blasts generated by his brother Cyclops.

Havok's body is constantly in the process of absorbing cosmic radiation. When each of his body's power-storage cell enclaves reaches its capacity, excess cosmic energy is thereafter absorbed and immediately re-emitted in negligible quantities. Upon the total expenditure of all his available energy, it takes Havok's body about 16 hours to recharge to its peak level. The act of concentration involved in releasing his energy in anything other than an omnidirectional wave is physically exhausting for Havok if he continues it over an extended period of time.

All info is taken from the offical Havok profile @ marvel.com

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[VERSE] NOIREDELUXURE @ noiredeluxure
This verse was originally created and conceived by and for Gambit and Rogue, to explore their canon ship in muse form (see their profiles for further details). It has since expanded with other X-muses to create a world mostly based on movie canon. It is predominently movieverse, with some comic background. Alex is a part of their world at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and this is his only verse based on his background outlined above.

Following his canon background above, Alex and Polaris were happy for quite some time. They enjoyed their work, and now well away from the world of the X-Men, they found themselves getting very domestic very quickly. In fact, there had been talk of marriage, and while Alex thought this was exactly what he wanted, a rather intense case of cold feet had him not wanting kiss goodbye to his bachelorhood just yet. His older brother might have been the boyscout of the family, but Alex was never the sort to simply do the right thing without question. When issues of settling down and diamond rings came to light, Alex panicked... and panicked right into the arms of another woman. He blatantly cheated on Lorna, and ended their relationship to pursue a no-strings fling with, in every essence, a cougar. She was twenty years his senior with a penchant for fast cars and a fast life. Alex enjoyed being a playboy... for a little while, only they both eventually lost interest in each other when the fresh excitement of a new fling was gone. They kept in touch as friends, but Alex realised that maybe the life of a pure bachelor wasn't all it cracked up to me.

He didn't really know why he decided to return to Xavier's, and in fact, he didn't even known Lorna had returned to the team following their break up. He just found himself jumping on a bus back to Westchester one day and scaling the ornate steps of the mansion. He just probably could have used a heads-up as to what was now lying on the other side of the door...

In this verse, Alex shares his X-Men world with fellow muses @ noiredeluxure. His older brother, Scott, is gottabecareful. Please see the community profile for more info on the verse and its members.

I am not Alex Summers or Havok. He belongs to the brilliant mind of Stan Lee. He is X-Men movieverse (with some comic background) designed to fit in with Singer's X-Men movies. I am not Charlie Hunnam, Alex's PB, he belongs to himself. This journal is for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made.

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